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    So I'm hoping this whole blogging business will prove therapeutic for me. And poor you, you have to read it. I have a separate blog for my 'creative' ramblings, and almost never update it because I never write anything anymore. See kids, that's what lack of school and excess of work does to ya. Makes it so you don't even do the one thing you love. Stupid life. Anyway, that blog is called Fantastical Observations and I have no idea how you can get there. I bet there's a link on this page somewhere.

    I commit to writing in this blog whenever I remember to, because lack of things to say is most definitely not my problem. By making remembering my criteria, I probably won't write that often. Later today I am planning on writing a nice long, or not so long, post about my AWESOME costume for 2008. Complete with pictures! Yay! Halloween is my favorite holiday by far, just as autumn is my favorite season. All the smells, the crisp air, the excitement tangible. I LOVE it. So, look for that costume post later on!


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