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    I really do have a soundtrack for my life. But not in the conventional way. I enjoy a LOT of different bands and types of music, but the two things that pretty much all of them have in common are unique vocal styles and poignant lyrics. I’m a poet at heart, so the combination of saying something meaningful plus showcasing it in a way that adds more meaning through a musical medium makes my heart soar. Seriously, it really does. It helps me connect with the music in a way that transcends just a tune that you like. Music is something that can connect with people on many levels, whether it just makes you smile, or whether it hits on the exact emotion you were feeling, that you weren’t sure anyone else understood. I tend to listen to albums for weeks at a time, until I know every nuance of it and until I’ve worked out the feelings it strikes up in me. I have albums that I’ve owned since 8th grade that I still listen to and love, and I continually add more artists all the time. The thing that I love the most about music is that I can listen to one of the many albums I own, and that specific collection of songs brings back the exact memories and feelings of the time I listened to it the most. How amazing is that? Music is one of the most powerful tools we have on this earth. The right piece can be a pure example of unfettered emotion.


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