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    Well....I am terrible at updating this. It's been an...interesting few months. I can see an end to the semester, and I will be very, very glad when it's over, though I am sad to leave my creative writing class. They were great people and it was a very conductive environment for creativity. I have three finals to go. Three finals I have not studied for, at all. So that's what I plan to do this weekend, besides work. Yes, I finally, FINALLY found a job. Two, actually, at the moment. I am helping out with the Christmas overload at Hale, which I am loving. It's such an enjoyable place to work. I love the atmosphere, co-workers, and the patrons. Everyone is so happy. I also am just starting a job at a place called RISE, Inc. as part of an after school program to support kids with disabilities. I am very happy to be a part of this, because a large part of the problem I have staying with a job is due to the fact that it's doing absolutely no lasting good in the world. I have high hopes to help better someone's life, and I know that they'll affect mine as well. So I am excited to embark on that journey. I am also excited for Christmas, though I have absolutely NO idea what I'll be giving people. I literally have $3 in my bank account, and several overdue bills. So, no money. Everyone is either getting something homemade or regifted. They'll have to deal. But I do intend to still choose their gifts carefully and with thought. Not being able to purchase a present makes it SO much harder, though. I am tempted to take my $3 and buy everyone 25 cent packs of gum. I probably won't though. Maybe. I recently started taking a new medication. I swear, it's a miracle pill. I am happy and energetic and cheerful, literally the polar opposite of what I've been for the past several months. The difference was noticeable within 24 hours. Truly a miracle and blessing in my life. One of the side effects is more REM sleep, so I sleep for less time, but more deeply. Which means that I am able to remember my dreams really, really well. That's something I have been wishing for for a LONG time. I was convinced that if I could just remember my dreams, I'd be a bestselling author by now. I used to wake up and say to myself, "that would make a fantastic story!" and then a minute or two later....*poof* go the specifics, and all I am left with is a general feeling. But now that I can remember them more vividly, I usually can recall two or three of them, and let me tell you, they are BIZARRE. Last week I literally had a dream about evil ostrich eggs wearing pink converse lace-up shoes and pink framed sunglasses. We had pickaxes to fight them off, and egg flew everywhere. There was also a strange paranoid schizophrenic man that for some reason had dragonfly wings. Other things happened as well, but those are the most strange from that night. So, what I'm trying to say is, now that I can remember my dreams I am fairly certain most of them won't end up on a shelf. Some, perhaps, but most I will just enjoy. Going to sleep is my favorite part of the day. I even set my alarm an hour early every day so I can revel in my dreams. I love it.


    1. Celestial Soldier said...:

      I like that you are blogging instead of studying. :)

    1. Rachel Adventure said...:

      :) Blogging is important! This was very refreshing to read! I want to see some of your writing from class up here!

      PS I did not know you were majoring in Anthropology! How fun! That is my minor. :)

    1. Lindsay Kay Beardall said...:

      Thanks, Jacob. haha It's very smart of me, I know. I obviously will do anything to avoid studying. Even blog.

      Rach - yeah anthropology is amazing. I am so glad that I finally found a field that fits me so well. Wow that was a lot of alliteration. ha! But I do love it. Are you majoring in photography? Oh and all my new writing is up on my writing blog. There is a ton, so you should check it out if you're still interested - http://fantasticalobservations.blogspot.com/

      Can't wait to see you soon, girlie!

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